R(h)ealism :

Helping others to understand what is REAL and POSSIBLE in their lives, while being able to deal with their problems in an effective and practical way.



WHO I AM:  A Spirit-Based Life + Relationship Coach, Host, Producer,  and Curator of Conversations.



WHAT I DO I assist clients with accepting situations as they are, while preparing them to thrive in their lives using successful tools.  I also aid clients in self-discovery and strategy toward manifesting their desired goals in life and relationships.



HOW I SERVE:  I believe I am destined to provide others with hope, healing, and enlightenment through coaching, speaking, producing and writing.



WHAT I BELIEVE:  In people living their absolute BEST lives. In producing meaningful content. In curating purposeful conversations that lead to enlightenment and change.  My coaching mantra is  ”I GET IT… I GET YOU… and I’m going to HELP YOU GET OUT OF IT!”




Rhea M. Pitre earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Clark-Atlanta University, and continued on to secure a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at California State University at Northridge.  The heart and anchor of her work is centered in maintaining healthy relationships, inspiring hope, and promoting emotional healing.  She is dedicated to fostering a safe space, non-judgemental,  “rheal-talk” environment with all who are in her presence, providing encouragement and empowering others to live their absolute best lives. As the proclaimed "Question Connoisseur," Rhea has a unique way of asking the right questions to cultivate depth, insight, and revelation on just about any topic or area of life. 


In 2014, she also added to her expertise being certified as a Spiritual counselor through training at Pastor Rick Warren’s (author of Purpose Driven Life) Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.  Her passion is working with women and couples, and she holds a certification in the Prepare-Enrich Pre-Marital assessment for those journeying toward marriage or life partnerships.


Her ability to connect with people when speaking, hosting, and moderating discussions has captured various audiences throughout the country.  These efforts have paved the way to numerous speaking engagements, events, and meaningful curated conversations.  Most recently Rhea has added to her expertise the role of producer, currently working on her first project which she hopes will shed insight and enlightenment to viewing audiences.  Stay tuned, and let's grow!